Britain Funding Separateness, Not Integration

Small Heath School and its head teacher, Shanaz Khan.

Increasingly, segregated religious communities receive state funds in order to remain separate. That extremists would gain a foothold seems inevitable.

“We believe that single faith schools will mean more discrimination and a greater stranglehold of the most conservative, anti-women and communal individuals over our children’s education and our communities as a whole.” — Spokesperson for South Asian Women in London, 2002.

“Instead of greater integration, this political creed [multiculturalism] has promoted separatism by emphasising differences and encouraging minority ethnic groups to cling to the customs of their homeland. In Birmingham, this has resulted in the rejection of western values by the governing bodies of too many Muslim-dominated schools.” — Manzoor Moghal, British Muslim writer and activist.

Britain’s multicultural doctrine was introduced with good intentions. Its failures, however, have outweighed its benefits…