Are you brave enough to laugh at Isil? You should be

“You be careful, OK?” urges an anxious father, as he waves goodbye to his daughter from his car. She turns around, leans her head back through the open passenger window and cheerfully says:

“Dad, it’s just Isis,” before driving off with a gang of gun-toting bearded men, shouting “Death to America!”

It’s a darkly humorous skit starring Dakota Johnson, produced by American comedy TV show, Saturday Night Live. But an awful lot of Yanks have failed to see the funny side and the video has gone viral this week for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s not effin’ funny! They’re chopping people’s heads off and you’re making it a joke?” bellow sanctimonious tweeters.

“Isis is not a joke,” squeals another. Except it should be.