Totally Unexpected Outcome! CBC Investigation Exonerates CBC Staffer Amanda Lang!

CBC Says Amanda Lang Met Journalistic Standards On RBC Story

TORONTO – The CBC says business reporter Amanda Lang adhered to journalistic standards during her involvement in a 2013 story concerning the Royal Bank of Canada.

CBC News Editor-in-Chief Jennifer McGuire sent a memo to staff on Thursday with the results of a review into Lang’s involvement in the story on RBC’s use of temporary foreign workers.

In early January, media website Canadaland alleged that Lang had a conflict of interest in the story and tried to “sabotage” it.

Well this was an unexpected outcome!


  • Exile1981

    She was doing paid work for RBC and dating an RBC exec when she did a peice on RBC… nope no conflict of interest.

    • Sheesh.

    • Gary

      How about the CBC exec dating the guy that created the non-funny comedy ” Little Mosque on the prairie ” and managed to sell the show to the CBC .
      The show was taqiyyah and did Dawah because we never saw the show about the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists , or the 4 muslim women killed for not wearing the hijab , or the TTC employee going on a typical jew-hating rant to wipe out israel.

      I filed a complaint of financial waste for the TTC when I saw 3 projects that could have been done in half the time as 2 project . The side walk around the TTC subway station was ripped up 3 times as not one employee noticed the new cement and DATE Stamp for that year.
      One of the major projects claimed it was to repair the bus exit area, but the only change I saw was fresh cement and about 7 parking spaces marked-off for employees which was where the buses would idle between use.

      The City Of Toronto got back to me with a report from the TTC
      that claimed that all the protocols were followed and they didn’t find any deliberate waste .
      I didn’t ask if Protocols were followed, I pointed out the mess the 3 projects caused and the fresh cement being ripped up twice.

      So do I expect the CBC to be any different for another group gorging at the Public trough.
      No , just as Wynne now washes her hand of Ben Levin and says that he’s no longer with them and that was in the past.

      • eMan14

        I suppose they were right.. it wasn’t deliberate a waste. Just an incompetent waste.

        • Gary

          It was a mess because they shut down bus area to do Street car work to remove tracks. But for all that time nobody touched the Bus area until after the Tracks were done, then when that was finished they closed down most of the Bus platform anyway because of the new elevator being installed.
          Nobody looked at the 3 projects and saw how the Elevator could be installed while the Surface Routes were halted and switched over to the nearest Subway Station for buses and Street car routes .

          This can’t continue because these people will run out of other peoples money for the make-work projects.
          One summer the city ripped up a wide strip of my street to replace the sewer system and paved over the finished project, but about 6 weeks later the whole street was ripped up to be repaved anyway which caused a mess for Permit parking .

  • Alain

    Expecting journalistic standards at the the CBC or any of our MSM is the same as expecting pigs to fly.

    • David Murrell

      The terms “journalistic standards” and “CBC News” do not go together.

  • eMan14

    CBC has standards?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Even the commenters at the HuffPo are taking the CBC to task.

    That’s how bad this bullshit smells.

  • David Murrell

    Amanda Lang is in a funny position at the CBC. She is the daughter of former federal Liberal cabinet minister Otto Lang — so she has pro-Liberal cred at the Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation. And she has an undergraduate degree in women’s studies, to boot.

    But she is self-taught in economics, and can string together three coherent sentences, on an economic topic, a rarityatn CBC News. Not that I agree with her very much. But given her mostly centrist pronouncements, she has engendered the wrath of far-left wack-jobs, such as John Doyle of the Globe and Mail, and most anyone at the Huffington Post.

    Fire her? Sure CBC should, But, again, it is a corrupt organization, through and through. This latest ruling I actually enjoy, since the CBC doesn’t even bother to disguise its smelly corruption. A pox on its house.