The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy

“…Sure, Hillary Clinton has a nasty history with crucial documents going missing — she is the only first lady in American history fingerprinted by the FBI, and the FBI found missing documents with her fingerprints on them in the White House personal quarters. But the media SuperFriends quickly activated to protect Hillary. Glenn Thrush of Politico tweeted that Hillary must have relied on incompetent staffers and lawyers. Ron Fournier of National Journal tut-tutted that this made her “no better” than Republicans. Of course, the media also ignored Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman handing millions to the Clinton charity just before Hillary’s big run.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Hillary Clinton has always been a scumbag, she was fired from the Watergate investigation for unethical behavior.

    • The bad news about Hillary could not have come at a better time.

      Anything that keeps this woman from any position of power is good.

      She did State department work on an email server set up in her home.

      She has to be an idiot to do this.

      This malicious wretch of a woman needs to be thrown into jail.

      • FactsWillOut

        Elizabeth Warren for pres!

  • Killary

    It’s a vast right wing conspiracy!

  • CodexCoder

    The Clintons have been an ongoing scandal since Whitewater (in the days as governor), and the Lewinsky matter (as president). Until somebody in power is prosecuted and put in jail, there is no judicial equality. You can buy, through money, power and connections, a get out of jail free card anytime you want. The spirit of the laws are being violated constantly, and diligent observers of due process are getting a little bit tired of it.

    In Hillary’s case, nothing will happen. No prison time, a slap on the wrist (don’t do this again), and a presidency as a reward so she can repeat the stupidity of the Obama administration with impunity, and become Queen. And Benghazi will look like a day at the beach when Hillary starts using executive orders.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hilary’s days may be coming to an end.
    Unfortunately not because people have woken up to her mendacity, but instead her own water carriers in the media are beginning to turn on her and they are using her clandestine and illegal private email that they have known about for years to do it.
    For whatever reason, they want her gone well before 2016 and so they have all gone into high gear.
    Apparently they want her gone so badly, that they are even sacrificing their own sacred cow and previously untouchable Huma Abedin to do it.

    • Xavier

      She’s viewed by the MSM as a centrist with too many ties to big money. They want Warren.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The MSM have finally realized that she is a poor campaigner and therefore a loser. Unless the Democrats come up with a viable backup, this could be the end, not of democracy, but of the Democratic Party. Warren is not that viable backup, as she boycotted Netanyahu’s speech and will get hammered over it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m afraid this will result in nothing. Hillary’s collusion with foreign governments, individuals and unidentified sources to execute a secret foreign policy at the same time accepting massive bribes for her perennial campaign will not result in anything happening. The Democratic party and the media went all-in for force her on us not matter what, years ago. It would take her being dragged into a police car in handcuffs to derail her and even then……

    But setting aside the obvious – that the US has devolved into Venezuela or Argentina, the deeper issue is that the notion of governance at all, is dead. Even in corrupt authoritarian nations someone tries to do something, anything. Someone’s being a populist or a fascist or pretending to be an agrarian reformer. Not here. No more. America doesn’t really have a functioning system of governance anymore. Nothing gets done, good or bad. The levers of government stopped operating. Whatever the issue is, it ends with people yelling and screaming at each other while the Idiot King in Chief stares at the ceiling, clueless, blank. Every single thing that needs to get done, be addressed is handled by Obama’s Flying Monkeys who tell everyone to shut the fuck up and/or lie that there’s anything to concern them.

    There is no government anymore. Vote in Hillary because so what.

  • Ed

    Hillary’s biggest problem besides herself is Obama. He clearly hates the Clintons and would certainly support a program to undermine her. Love it.

  • David Murrell

    Very good comments on this thread. My view is a mix of what is said here. The U.S. has degenerated into a corrupt government, under Obama and his media cartel allies. The left-wing media complex will oppose Hillary’s nomination run — given that she supposedly is more “centrist” than her other Democratic opponents — and air the sleazy dealings with her and Bill’s corrupt charity. However, once she wins the nomination, the media will clam up over her sleaze, and come together to form a unified, biased front against the Republican candidate. The pro-Hillary selling point will be that she will be the first woman President.

    Hillary will win the next election, in 2016. We will see a continued ultra-corrupt presidency and U.S. administration, with the media looking the other way.

    • Xavier

      Probably. The left doesn’t care if she’s a criminal, ‘as long as she’s our criminal’. Plus, pitting her against Warren, even if it’s only in the media, will force Hillary to the left to garner votes.

    • Hopefully not. G-d help us. 8 years of O’bummer are quite enough for a century.

  • Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, et al. – their appearance on the scene spelt the death of democracy.

    • FactsWillOut

      Actually, it is the nail in the coffin of a Constitutional Republic, and the birth of Democracy.
      Same thing you see in Canada. We were a Constitutional Monarchy, with certain constitutional rights, based on British Common Law, and those have been eroded by the political class, so now, Canada too is a Democracy, where 51% can subjugate the other 49%.

      • Any way you look on it, it’s bad.

        • FactsWillOut

          It behooves us to look at things as they are.
          In a Constitutional Republic, power to govern comes from the electorate, as limited by the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
          In the USA, most of the Bill of Rights has been weakened or killed.
          In a Constitutional Monarchy, power to govern comes from the Crown, as limited by the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

          In a Democracy, power to govern rests exclusively with the elected officials, as limited by their appointed judges.

          So, the whole Newspeak crowd talks of “The end of Democracy”, when in fact, it is the beginning of Democracy, which is the end of limited government.

          • OK – but for me the lesson learned from recent events in the States and elsewhere is that no matter what the legal dispositions taken (the government of laws, not of men), ultimately if in a given generation the men and women involved in the executive, the legislature and the judiciary do not have the integrity, the courage and the decency, to defend the laws, then the laws turn out to be useless in truly protecting the people from corruption or power-grab, etc.

            This is to my mind the truly momentous shock – that the ‘checks and balances’ instituted by the Founding Fathers of the USA were and are largely ignored by the likes of Pelosi, Clinton and Obama. No judge allowed people to test Obama’s eligibility and credentials – the whole establishment was complicit in illicit goings-on. This taught me that if enough politicians etc. involved (and the fifth estate, the media) are complicit in ignoring the laws of the land, then there’s nothing we the people can do about it.

            The legal means of protection and redress are blocked with no possible appeal. That is how Obama can freely veto laws from Congress and dish out ‘Executive Orders’. That is the death of American democracy. Same I suspect in the UK, though I know that less well.

          • FactsWillOut

            This is how unelected bureaucracies in Canada can make and enforce laws without the approval of Parliament.

          • Yes, it is a mind-blower. How immigration went berserk, how precocious sex-ed was imposed despite parental objections, how Muslims are treated with kid gloves no matter what crimes they commit, etc.

          • FactsWillOut

            Let us not forget the RCMP re-classifying which guns are restricted or prohibited, and their warrantless searches and seizures.

  • Clink9

    Is this really the person most qualified to that nation out of 300 million.

    • Xavier

      You know what Lady Ann says, “The act of running for office should disqualify you from running for office”.

  • Exile1981

    I think the Clinton’s themselves leaked this info. Better for them to have it come out now far ahead of the campaign rather than later. If someone brings it up during the campaign they and the media can claim that it’s old news.