Sweden’s true racism

The word “racist” has been a popular silver bullet for Leftists to silence conservatives for years now, pretty much no matter what the topic is. It can be applied to everything from foreign policy to popular entertainment, which has led to the word being so washed up and diluted that it means pretty much nothing anymore.

Here in Sweden, it is considered perfectly reasonable for a white Leftist person to tell a colored person that he is racist if he does not go with the generally accepted doctrine. It’s Orwellian newspeak at it’s finest. At this point, accusations of racism carries about the same general gist as when kids say: “You’re a doodyhead! Shut up!”

  • winniec

    Cultural Marxists want to replace disobedient, rebellious,opinionated white Europeans with obedient, compliant, non-democratic, noble savages from the Third World. Such unlearned and easily-manipulated savages can be exploited by the cultural Marxists and used to keep the Marxist class of Kommissars and Nomenklatura in permanent control of government.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What do you mean what happened. Nothing happened. Cultural Marxists have always pushed for people to scream and moan about trivialities while the real issues slide under the radar. Swedes will one day soon start protesting in the streets for a national referendum to end ‘the tyranny of only 2 genders’ and the Muslims will swoop down on them and kill them all. It will all be very entertaining for the rest of us.

    Coming soon at IKEA:

    Koffin – a flat pack dead body container.

  • Intellectual incest creates a form of intellectual defects. (The intellectual form of consanguineal birth defects.)

    Present day Sweden is the best example.