Spengler: World bows to Iran’s hegemony

“…Most of the world wants a deal, because the alternative would be war. For 10 years I have argued that war is inevitable whatever the diplomats do, and that the question is not if, but how and when. President Obama is not British prime minister Neville Chamberlain selling out to Hitler at Munich in 1938: rather, he isLord Halifax, that is, Halifax if he had been prime minister in 1938. Unlike the unfortunate Chamberlain, who hoped to buy time for Britain to build warplanes, Halifax liked Hitler, as Obama and his camarilla admire Iran.”

  • Ten years ago Iran was a band of operetta buffoons strutting around, and everyone could see it and find them funny. Today, they are still operetta buffoons strutting around, but thanks to the mainstream media they are taken seriously and our moronic politicians (Obama-Kerry first) are sucking up to them. We live in weird times, as if the world has flipped into a fifth dimension where nuttiness is sanity.

  • Mal

    You don’t often hear the word camarilla tossed into casual conversation these days.
    Reading Messrs. David Goldman and Richard Fernandez will definitely increase your vocabulary as well as your blood pressure.

    • Minicapt

      Rather like a Privy Council.


  • Islam is the problem. Iran is just today’s cesspool.

    Obama is doing what a good Muslim should do – help the spread of Islam.

    The Islamic cult will continue to spread until the non-Muslim world forces a reformation upon Islam.

    Anything is fixable. But you must first identify the problem (Islam as a whole).

    And then fix it. Islamic reformation!


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Netanyahu warned in his speech that Israel will go it alone if it must. So now the West is faced with the choice of war or dishonor. If they choose dishonor, there will still be war.