Record immigration intake despite fact Canadian job quality hits 25-year low

Canadian job quality hits 25-year low: study

The quality of jobs in Canada has dipped to its lowest level in a quarter century, revealing a structural issue that could prove difficult to reverse, says a new study by CIBC.

The big bank said Thursday its employment quality index, which slipped 1.8 per cent last year, was down 15 per cent since the early 1990s.

The index examines the distribution of full- and part-time positions, the gap between self-employment and the higher-quality jobs for paid employees, and whether full-time jobs were created in low-, medium- or high-paying sectors.

The study found that since the late 1980s the number of part-time positions climbed much faster compared with the higher-quality full-time gigs. On the bright side, it said the number of full-time jobs increased at twice the speed of part-time jobs over the past year.

However, the damage to full-time work during each recession was largely permanent, the study added.

Canada will accept between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2015. 

Mass immigration isn’t about ensuring your economic well being.

It’s about ensuring McDonald’s economic well being.


  • ontario john

    I see too many examples of corporations in my area using temp agencies, which means a lot of young people are stuck in minimum wage jobs. Even car companies have jumped on the band wagon as Honda continues to replace its regular workers with temp agencies. And yet we continue to let a flood of muslim voters(sorry I mean Immigrants) flood in. Large corporations are no better than communists in how they operate. Teddy Roosevelt figured that out years ago when he battled both socialism and large corporate interests(the trusts as he called them). That is why communist China and large corporations get along so well. China provides cheap labour, no environmental standards, and government control of the population. I think that is why the sudden interest in Cuba. Think of the same benefits as China but much less shipping costs.

    • That era has returned, we have a new generation of robber barons.

  • Achmed

    White canadians are far too lazy and have too high of expectations. Governements and companies long ago found out long ago that it was both anti racist and good for business to bring in employment equity programs to give newcomers the first chance at jobs.

    • Good point Achmed.

      • Gary

        How did that work out for the TTC with the pro- al-quds yahoo that went on a jew-hating rant knowing he can’t get fired.

        Once all the Canadian background white people in Toronto are driven out or fired over Diversity quotas, the minorities won’t have whitey to blame all the ills on .
        Toronto has become the most racist City on Earth with each group of bigots that self-segregate in their quasi-ghettos that forced the City to have Services in over 100 languages so new comers don’t have to learn French or English..

        Wynne had to shut down Government Offices out side of Toronto in White areas just to move the jobs into Toronto and hire non-whites to meet her own Quota laws that the Government is forced to obey.
        The reason the Public Sector has grown and will not see job losses is because the Union is based on Seniority and the upper high-income Members are those evil White Canadians getting closer to their Gold-Plated pension .
        If Wynne had to reduce jobs it would be the new employees under the Diversity plan that would be let go and be angry as they see the lazy older White workers keep their jobs. It the Unions Policy that caused this mess because the quota system had forced Government to create jobs to meet the numbers because Wynne would never get away with letting go thousands of White employees . So she and McGuilty just grew the size of Government while opposing any Automation or new ideas to safe the taxpayers money.

        Politicians also own Real Estate and Rental properties that go up the more there is a shortage of housing from high Immigration where about 70% head to Toronto which is getting poorer along with Ontario’s debt racing to $400 billion as part of Liberals staying in power to buy-off Unions and Minorities.

        One of the latest scams is to claim that were need close to 5000 skilled workers to build houses to meet the demands.
        BUT , if we DO have a crisis , these 5000 workers will have a family that needs a place to live when they come in .
        So where the hell will they Live when the actual total is over 10,000 more people looking for housing them self, and this will just add 5000 more to the list of the housing shortage to drive up Home prices and Property owned by Politicians.
        This is a scandal in the UK where Politicians that are pro-Immigrant have been exposed for making a Profit off their Apartments for refugees and property sold to make Housing projects.

        The old Canada is dead, these weasels in charge sold out Canada long ago and now we have Joe Mehevic in Toronto boasting about his powers to commit treason and force CUPE members to take Tax Dollars from Citizens and give the money to non-citizen illegals not entitled to it.
        Toronto spits on the Federal laws and acts as if they are a Separate State within Canada that can steal GST money and income tax funds to buy votes and shell it out to tourists that want to stay and get welfare and Health Care.

    • eMan14

      Except that employment equity is racist in it’s implementation.

  • Dana Garcia

    No first-world nation needs immigrants any more, even for cheap labor. Smart machines are taking over increasingly complex tasks as well as basic stuff. The fast-food people demanding higher wages better look out, because burger machines are already available.

  • DD_Austin

    This isn’t about benefiting Mcshit* or Racism or divisity, it’s leveling the economic map of the world if they can’t make third world countries rich, then make 1st countries poor It’s all the same to the rich,their lifestyle isn’t effected either way.

    * Cheap labour can’t even buy cheap crap
    In the 1930s a bag of potatoes cost a dime
    problem was nobody had a dime

  • Ho Hum