Quebec Liberal MNA Marc Tanguay Advertised On Muslim Web Site That Extolls Violence Against Women

QUEBEC – A Quebec Liberal member of the legislature should not have advertised on an Islamic community centre website that includes texts extolling violence against women, Premier Philippe Couillard said Wednesday.

A photo of Marc Tanguay, the logo of the national assembly and his contact information appeared on the website of the FATH community centre.

Couillard called for the ad to be withdrawn, saying public funds should not have been used.

Here’s Ezra’s take

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Your headline is confusing me into thinking that Tanguay extols violence against women.

    • simus1

      If the headline had started “Vote Whoring Asshole ….” it would have been clearer but then it would have run for three lines.

    • Fixed!

  • eMan14

    Marc Lebuis is a treasure of information of Islam within Canada, particularly in Quebec.