Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev purposely placed one bomb behind a row of children

A woman who lost her leg in the Boston bombing told the court on Wednesday she watched her friend utter her last words before she died from horrific blast injuries.

Karen McWatters went to the 2013 marathon with Krystle Campbell to watch her boyfriend run the race, she testified on the first day of trial on Wednesday. The pair were near the finish line so they could photograph McWatters’ boyfriend.

Mrs McWatters said she remembered ‘screaming and smoke’ and wondered why she was lying on the ground. She looked at her leg and realized ‘something terrible had happened to us’.

The survivor kept her composure as she testified that although her foot was turned the wrong way and the ground too hot, she made it to Krystle and pressed their faces together.

Mrs McWatters said: ‘I didn’t know how bad she was hurt. She said her legs hurt, then her hand went limp in mine and she never spoke again.’

The Boston court, which was packed with victims’ families and survivors, was shown a surveillance picture of the two friends. Amid a horrific scene, Campbell’s legs had been blown off.

Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, watched the video screen and stared at the table in the courtroom on Wednesday but did not look at the witnesses on the stand.

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    Sometimes the death penalty is too merciful.

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    Massachusetts declared the death penalty unconstitutional in 1984 according to Wiki so the terrorist in this case will be imprisoned filing appeal after appeal until his demise (at the taxpayer expense), and creating more jihadists behind bars.

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    Should have that asshole Andrew Coyne at this trial, after reading his column in the NP this morning