Muslim Private School Promotes Rejection Of Ontario’s Ben Levin Pre-teen Dating Guide As Selling Point

Haadi School rejects the new public school sex ed curriculum!

“Ontario public school sex ed curriculum is structured to diminish the innocence of young minds! Consider Haadi School – a safe and healthy environment providing quality education and rich learning experience.

Anyone who has a child at public school has a huge problem on their hands right now. Premier Kathleen Wynn and Education Minister Liz Sandals have revealed the new sex ed curriculum for public schools and they will not back down. Although many of our community members are involved in the protests against the curriculum, you may not be able to stop them from teaching your young child inappropriate material that you won’t even think to discuss with your children at least until they’re in their teens.

You don’t have to be extremely religious or conservative to see how preposterous the public school sex ed curriculum is. Imagine your six year old sitting in the classroom learning about the anatomical names of sexual organs. Or your 8 year old is being taught to believe that homosexual family structure is normal without any regard to what you believe. And what about when your 9 year old boy is taught that it’s okay if he chooses to be a little girl instead and your 9 year old daughter is taught that friendships can change into romantic relationships. This is not exaggerated at all as the curriculum has been revealed and is available on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s page (to save your time and energy, images from the curriculum are inserted below) and it gets even worse for children age 10 and older.

Haadi school can provide your child an environment that is safe and healthy for young minds. Where the staff shares the same morals and values you have at home. Our subject-focused curriculum will make your child excel in English, Science, Math etc. We can still teach children about health and physical education, Internet safety and how to stand up against bullying without sexualizing anything.

Even Sigmund Freud, who’s learning theories are known to be the most controversial, says that age 6 to puberty is known to be the ‘Latent Period’ during which sexual energy in a child is suppressed. Their energy is more directed towards intellectual pursuits, social interactions and development of communication skills and self confidence. At this age children can be purely educated in areas crucial to cultural growth, including literacy, math, history and science.It’s unfortunate that the government has chosen this period in the children’s lives to teach them the aforementioned topics which will not only distract them from their studies, but also damage their brain for the rest of their lives.

If you or anyone you know have children in the public school system in Ontario, please join us to get more information! We can assure you that Haadi School will be the right option for you.”

No doubt Kathleen Wynne will be shuttering this school in a heartbeat once she hears about this affront to her agenda.

You’re right, I am kidding.

Bet that the TDSB’s Valley Park Middle School will not have to bother with Wynne’s grooming guide either.