Lars Vilks Should Not Have to Fight Alone

Terrorism works because fear is contagious. We pretend it isn’t and proclaim “Je Suis Charlie” in supposed defiance of terrorist acts such as January’s shooting rampages at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket. But events in Copenhagen in February are a good reminder of the reality.

The people attending the free-speech discussion at the Copenhagen cafe that was attacked on Feb. 14 really were “Charlie.” The event was organized by the Lars Vilks Committee. This group was established two years ago by eight Danish media figures from the political left and right to provide support to the Swedish artist for whom the committee was named. The nonprofit, low-budget association organizes discussions where panelists—including artists and art critics but also businessmen, feminists and others—can have a normal interaction with a man for whom normal interaction has become nearly impossible.

  • Drunk_by_Noon


  • As long as Islam is practiced without some sort of reformation, nothing will change.

    The hundreds of inciting passages withing Islamic theology will continue to incite devout followers to commit violence.

    Islamic fear is nothing more than individual Muslims responding to Islam’s hate filled scriptures. One random jihadi at a time – and soon we all succumb.

    No Islamic reformation – No peace.

    Read how Islamic fear is created at:

  • Dana Garcia

    For starters, how about letting Vilks own a firearm? He sleeps with an axe nearby for self-defense.

    • P_F

      Not possible in socialist/libtard governed countries like Denmark. Citizens have no right to keep & bear arms except long guns for hunting use, which in itself is quite restrictive.
      It seems like everything was planned beforehand by various western governments. In the 80’s & 90’s first came restrictions on some sort of guns then outright banning of guns which followed by uncontrolled immigration of lawless & uncivilized people from third world countries. Now they’ve let those barbarians loose on us with no means of self-defense.
      I guess western governments did all that on purpose to destroy the means & will for resistance of their citizens.
      Sadly, we in Canada are running down the same path of self-destruction.

      • Alain

        How true!

  • SMC_BC

    We don’t need another “Je Suis Charlie” what we need is another Charlie Martel.