Haroon Siddiqui: Senate hearings amount to McCarthyIslam!

Harper senators hold McCarthyesque hearings: Siddiqui

Bullies maintain that their victims are being overly sensitive — making too much fuss about nothing, really. Similarly, a Conservative senator is berating Canadian Muslims for being “thin-skinned” in reacting to increasing hostility towards them.


In Haroon Siddiqui’s World asking the right questions & telling the truth about Islam is McCarthyism and of course Bullying!

Do the idiots at the Star who let him publish this drivel think that no one in Canada is aware of Islamist propagandists like Shahina Siddiqui and the NCCM whom Haroon defends?

Or are they blinded by the liberal racism of lowered expectations?

Crying Islamophobia in the face of reality is the Islamist’s effort to silence criticism of Islam. The Star should be ashamed.

h/t Ontario John