CBC Poll: Two Thirds Of Canadians Fear Terror Attack By Some Unknown Entity

“Nearly half of Canadians say they feel less safe from terrorism than they did two years ago, according to a survey conducted for CBC News.

Two-thirds say it is likely that an attack will occur in Canada within the next five years, including 42 per cent who expect that it will result in mass death and destruction.”

A terror attack? By Whom? You’d never know from the poll CBC Conducted.

I assume it’ll be perpetrated by HarperBushHitlerNeoCons and not Multicultural in nature.



  • Scaramouche
    • Rosenmops

      Or could be polar bears angry about glowball werming.

      • Curly Bill

        Morning Rosie. (-:

        • Rosenmops

          Morning Curly!

    • Censored_often

      Have any moose converted to Islam?

      • Linda1000

        You would think so by the way moose attack people on snowmobiles all the time. Some videos are on Liveleak.

        • chayisun

          Can’t possibly be a group or herd of moose. I had a pet moose in my much younger days .Everyone else had a dog or cat but not me. Taking it out for a walk was a job, believe me. Actually it took me for a walk. Marvin, that was his name, was great fun playing fetch. I’d throw a ball he would take off and come back with the neighbours dog. The dog was not happy nor the neighbours. Good times.

          • Censored_often

            Marvin sounds like a lone wolf moose except when he walked you. 🙂

      • J. C.

        Yes. They call themselves ‘Mooslims’. 😉

  • Reader
    • Censored_often

      As long as I’m using halal shampoo and conditioner, praying at the proper Wahabi mosques gathering Liberal support, and smoking the right pot, I shall not worry.

  • Brett_McS

    Attack by … Kitties!

  • Progressive Liberal

    There is only one worry you should be thinking about


    • Clink9

      He will put soldiers and guns on streets in our cities!

  • chayisun

    I know who it is. No, really. Inside information from a mole within the CBC. He told me, point blank just which terrorist group, I mean politically ignored folks who only need love and jobs, will perpetrate an attack. However, being sworn to secrecy, I cannot divulge who it will be.

    • Clink9

      You don’t have to. I figured out a long time ago it’s those sneaky Amish.

      • Observer

        No it is those commies who will be rioting during the Pan Am Games in Toronto during the late summer.

        Remember the G20 protests?

        • Clink9

          I remember the cops watching those turds break windows and burn cars while dreaming of their overtime pay.

      • chayisun

        DAMN!!! Who told you?? Had to be some big mouth news guy who shall remain name less.

  • Xavier

    Unknown Entity, lol. I sense the birth of a new meme.

    • Minicapt

      … Arab … > UAE.


    • Minicapt

      … Toronto … > UTE.


  • WalterBannon

    Some Unknown Entity



    Shut the CBC down