Begging Questions

“We live, as I have noted before, in a beggars’ democracy:

This refers to the more relaxed sort of despotism in which the lower orders—the beggars—are permitted some modest freedoms of expression, so long as they do not challenge the basic assumptions of the state ideology too boldly.”

  • winniec

    This is a very perceptive analysis. We must not disagree with our betters or they shout us down, call us names and arrest us on trumped up charges and false crimes…mostly the crime is to disagree.
    The government of Sweden is making it illegal to criticize the government’s immigration policies. This is an intolerable curtailment of free speech. Sweden is an example of the worst form of a suicidal mental illness called Libtardation.

  • I would ask how one would fix the US and how long will it take.

  • Dana Garcia

    I would ask at what level of population will America be full. Our population is now 320 million, and that already seems too many, at least here in Crowdifornia where the drought continues.

    • eMan14

      The business model of countries is to have unlimited population growth.
      It doesn’t work now, so what will it take to change their minds? A revolution perhaps?

  • tom_billesley

    It’s secular dhimmitude.