A False Hope of a Reformed Islam

There is an ongoing fantasy that Islam can be reformed so that it is moderate. This ignores the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed, none of which can be changed. A recent effort of good will towards Jews by Muslims is a false hope.

  • luna

    I like Dr. Bill Warner, he makes some good points in this video, but the “ring of peace” event may have actually been authentic.


    Two members of the synagogue who were at the rally told TheBlaze by phone from Oslo Monday that the men and women holding hands did not encircle the synagogue because the police did not give them a permit to demonstrate behind the building. Jewish community board member Michael Gritzman told TheBlaze he was personally involved with negotiating the permit and confirmed the rally was limited to the front of the building.

    Earlier news agency reports said the event was secured by police and sharpshooters positioned in the surrounding area in light of the recent attacks on Jewish community sites in Europe.

    Asked about reports that only 20 Muslims were in attendance, Gritzman said, “This is nonsense. … There were lots of young Muslims and lots of other people.” Gritzman said members of other faith groups also attended, including nuns, but to say that only two dozen Muslims were there would be inaccurate.

    Eli Zylberman, the cantor of the synagogue, told TheBlaze, “The vast majority were Muslim there.”

    Gritzman said that the show of support for Norway’s tiny Jewish community – which he put at 1,200 (about the same number of people reported to be at the rally) – was incredibly uplifting, and that he was upset to hear that some in the media were trying to draw away from the show of support expressed by what he described as young “grassroots” Muslims.

    • Charlotta Jones

      They’re just afraid of having their welfare removed. 80% of EU muslims are on welfare. Norway recently deported a whole slew of these muzztards and the crime rate dropped 30%. As Blazing said, the Koran does not allow for the reformation of Islam-because it is a “perfect religion”
      “according to Islamic belief, only the Koran as the word of God, and then
      only its Arabic original, is considered to be free of error. Hence,
      there can be no reformation in the Koran.


      • Miriam

        About reforming Islam, please, go to http://www.prophetofdoom.net/
        and read the entire book. Very interesting indeed.

        • Brett_McS

          That was my first introduction to Islam. He makes a very good case that Allah is Satan.

    • WalterBannon

      Organizer of Muslim Synagogue “Peace Ring” Gave “Why I Hate Jews” Speech:


      So, the “ring of peace” event may have actually been authentic.


      • luna

        He was one of several organizers. But he claims his days of Jew hatred are over. Yet he still hates the Jewish state of Israel and it’s supporters.

        Bottom line yes, the authenticity of the event was debatable. As were the motives of its organizers. However, this is still behavior that should be encouraged not criticized.

  • Brett_McS

    Peel away the Kafir hatred, the barbarian legal system, the call to terrorism, etc and what is left of this so-called religion?

  • Xavier

    When radical Islam seizes control of France and Sweden, do you think these so-called Moderate Moslems will form peace circles around the synagogues and churches, or burn them?

  • Dana Garcia

    The only trustworthy Muslim is an ex-Muslim, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The rest are hosts of a virus of evil that can pop out at any time, particularly following large doses of jihad propaganda to the system.

  • The only way to reform Islam is to change Islamic texts.

    This is a crime under Islamic law. The jihadis will come out of the wood work to kill anyone even make such a suggestion. This will not start in an Islamic society.

    The non-Muslim world needs to hit Islam with millions of Mohammad and Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Then the pressure needs to be increased.

    At the same time, Islamic theology needs to be put under the intellectual microscope. The hate needs to be exposed and condemned.

    Islam as it is practiced in the Muslim world should be a crime in the non-Muslim world. Only a “reformed” Koran should be allowed. Mosques should be monitored. Mullahs from Islamic states should be barred. Any preaching of Islamic hate should be treated as a crime.

    • I agree – the only change in Islam could come only as a result of external pressure. It should be treated as a dangerous political doctrine, because of its aspirations to gain power over society. Islam is closer to Nazism and communism than to religion. There are many weird and bizarre religions in the world, but most of them are closed groups with no political aspirations.