Turkish police drag 13-year-old out of class over Facebook post insulting president

The boy, described by various media as being in either seventh or eighth grade, told police that he did, indeed, write

Not crazy. Noooooo.

Not crazy. Noooooo.

the Facebook post, though Turkish media have not identified what the boy said online. Since he is a minor, newspapers are identifying him only by his initials, U.R.E.

Today’s Zaman reports that the boy and his father were taken to the regional prosecutor’s office and later released, though authorities are demanding a psychiatric evaluation for the child. The court handling the case has stated that it is waiting for the results of U.R.E.’s psychiatric evaluation before deciding whether to pursue criminal charges on Erdogan’s behalf against the teen.

…Turkey’s Constitution prohibits “insults” against the president, and the nation maintains strict laws limiting speech. Turkey’s speech laws are so constricting that Erdogan himself was found guilty of breaking them this week, after calling a statue dedicated to the Armenian genocide (a contentious issue in Turkey) a “monstrosity.” Erdogan has been fined $4,000 for his comment.