Rouhani Says Iran Will Never Accept Deal Which Deprives Country of Nuclear Power

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, said Wednesday that Iran’s nuclear negotiators would never accept a deal with world powers that would curtail the Iranian nation’s “rights” to nuclear power, Al-Manar News – the media outlet of Iranian proxy Hezbollah – report on Wednesday.

Rouhani, touted as a moderate, made these remarks in a speech to a session of his cabinet, according to the report.

Al-Manar claimed that the president said Iran was willing to demonstrate more transparency on its nuclear program, which Iran has long maintained is being built for exclusively peaceful purposes. However, Rouhani added that if the negotiators are seeking to deprive Iran of its “inalienable right” to pursue nuclear technology, the Islamic Republic would reject such an agreement.

The report claims that Rouhani said Iran wants a deal that is beneficial to Iran, but also to the region and the entire world…