Pakistani man denies he is in Canada on a ‘military mission’

TORONTO: A Pakistani citizen living in Toronto who risks being deported due to his alleged association with a Pakistani terrorist organisation by Canadian authorities has denied any links to such groups and denied police claims that he admitted living in Canada on a “military mission”, a report published on National Post said.

Mohammed Aqeeq Ansari was arrested in Toronto October of last year and responded to allegations against him in a hearing of Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada.

He is believed to have been recorded professing hatred against Canadians in a Toronto mosque and claiming he was sent to Canada on a special mission.

In his testimony, he refuted claims he preached hatred by saying: “I was talking about my aversion to Canadian or American exceptionalism.”

“I said I’m here for a reason” — to send money home to help Pakistani people, he told the board…

  • Martin Luffa
  • Exile1981

    Just deport him and his brother who was helping him.

  • winniec

    His deportation should include the 160,000 Muslims in Canada who are supporters of violent jihad. We deserve to be safe from anyone who is a supremacist or misogynist or pedophile.

  • Ed

    If you let a wild racoon into your house, it will shit on the floor. Whose fault is that?

    • Canadian

      The Joos, of course.

  • simus1

    How did he get in?
    Job hunting record, if any?
    Where did the money come from?
    Was he on welfare?

    • Canadian

      They are almost all on welfare.

  • ontario john

    Poor guy just wanted to take the head beheading course at York University.

  • Linda1000

    Just where did he get the money to buy $20,000 worth of firearms and 2000 rounds of bullets while unemployed and living in his brother’s basement. What did he need so much for and is it even legal to possess that much in Canada. Where did he buy it all? If they don’t deport this guy for his anti-Canadian attitude and suspicious activities then what good is it to even arrest him in the first place. May as well let all the criminals run wild.

    • P_F

      Thankfully Linda, it is still legal to acquire & stock 2000 rounds of ammunition & multiple rifles in Canada.
      As I keep repeating that mohammedans are amassing firearms/weapons in the west for quite a while now. Because of these mohammedans rest of the law-abiding gun owners in Canada would be paying for their illegal actions with more gun-control.
      First step govt. should take to check this threat is stop issuing firearms license to permanent residents, TFW & all others except Canadian Citizens.