Pakistani man denies he is in Canada on a ‘military mission’

TORONTO: A Pakistani citizen living in Toronto who risks being deported due to his alleged association with a Pakistani terrorist organisation by Canadian authorities has denied any links to such groups and denied police claims that he admitted living in Canada on a “military mission”, a report published on National Post said.

Mohammed Aqeeq Ansari was arrested in Toronto October of last year and responded to allegations against him in a hearing of Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada.

He is believed to have been recorded professing hatred against Canadians in a Toronto mosque and claiming he was sent to Canada on a special mission.

In his testimony, he refuted claims he preached hatred by saying: “I was talking about my aversion to Canadian or American exceptionalism.”

“I said I’m here for a reason” — to send money home to help Pakistani people, he told the board…