Oxford officer was silenced over sex abuse fears

A council worker who wrote a series of increasingly exasperated emails warning of child abuse by Asian men in Oxfordshire was silenced after an official complaint by senior officials about his attitude, it has emerged.

Details came to light in a report published yesterday revealing that 373 girls were likely to have been victims of grooming, rape and trafficking after police and social services failed to take victims and their own staff seriously.

The worker, an ex-detective, raised repeated concerns with the director of children’s services and other officials at the county council in 2007 after seeing a 13-year-old in bed with an adult. He also reported a stream of men going into a flat every night and emerging in the early hours.

But instead of dealing with his complaints, a senior council official complained about his behaviour and his manager made an unreserved apology for the “unprofessional way” in which he had acted.

  • BillyHW

    They don’t belong in our countries.

    • Stronger Than Dirt

      Neither do the child rapists

  • Hefty prison sentences for the culprits – the ‘officials’ who did nothing and even preventing anything from being done – must be handed down.

  • David Murrell

    This news will floor BCFers on this thread, but — wait for it — CBC News actually reported the Oxfordshire scandal. Needless to say, the words “Asian” or “Muslim” were not mentioned in the report. But the piece did show Pakistani and black men arrested. A real head-shaker this, that CBC News would deign to report this news.

    • simus1

      Someone is going to catch hell for that. Breaking the “media party line” is a very serious offense among marxists.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Only 75 years after Britain’s “finest hour,” we have this.

  • Exile1981

    The officer should be given the privilege of being the one to arrest the councilors who had his concerns shut down.