Jihadi John’s family have been welfare parasites for 20 years

Jihadi John and his asylum-seeking family have milked the British benefits system for 20 years, the Mail can reveal today.

Housing the Islamic State executioner and his relatives in affluent parts of London has cost taxpayers up to £400,000.

One landlord said Mohammed Emwazi’s family were ‘parasites’ and ‘tenants from hell’. Incredibly, they are still believed to be pocketing £40,000 a year in handouts despite there being no sign of them in Britain.

  • Ho Hum

    This is mind-boggling. The parents never worked in over 20 years in the UK and the local council’s put them up in million dollar homes in some of the most desirable areas of London. And I bet this family is not unique. There are probably 100,000’s of parasites just like them living the life of luxury in England.

    I thought that Canada was bad but “Great” Britain must be the biggest sucker-nation in the world.

  • Ho Hum

    UNREAL! Here is a picture of the 1.4 Million GBP($2.7 Million CDN) apartment the council rented for the family!


  • Ho Hum
  • BillyHW

    If you support welfare then you are immoral.

    • luna

      This isn’t welfare, it’s jizya.

  • Xavier

    No public assistance of any type for immigrants until they have paid into the system for at least 5 years.

    No work ethic, no cross border.

    • BillyHW

      No public assistance for anyone.

      No immigrants.

      • Xavier

        Not a bad idea but it won’t happen without a revolution. Our politicians smell new votes.

  • sandy

    When is Islamic Britain going to ask for a refund?

  • luna

    A Muslim expresses the true Islam to Brother Rasheed: http://youtu.be/4f9fP8a9STs

  • Islam Is a Crock
    • lolwut?

      pay wall

      • Islam Is a Crock

        A family of 38 Lebanese Muslims rorted Australia’s welfare system to the tune of $3 million!!

  • Mike

    It sounds like Canada where one NOII member has boasted of all the people she continues to sign up for disability benefits for within 3 months of them coming to Canada only for them to go back home and have the money cashed and then resent there for years with the Ontario government never checking up to find out the people have left.

  • simus1

    The only logical conclusion is that the Brit “social service industry” is massively corrupt from the top down and that this is not considered to be a problem by the vote whores in charge of wasting/stealing taxpayers money.

  • Ed

    There will always be parasites looking for an easy host. That the host is paralyzed from action in preventing this is the real story.

    • Millie_Woods

      It’s not paralisys, it’s what happens when you’ve got a corrupt, leftist political class and a shit stupid population.

      • Justin St.Denis

        You forgot “…and have NO BALLS…”

  • neo


    “Housing the Islamic State executioner and his relatives in affluent parts of London has cost taxpayers up to £400,000.”

    hmmm… what has it cost canadian taxpayers to house, clothe and feed omar khadr’s family over the years. i bet the paraplegic brother has cost more than $400,000 in medical bills all by himself.

    omar’s suing us as well, for what… a hundred million dollars?


  • nobull

    JUST LIKE AMERICA with its generational welfare – I see the 20 yrs and raise you 3 generations.

    If the faucet isn’t turned off – they will do nothing FOREVER (and so will their kids, and their kids, and their kids…..)