Hey, Mr President! This is what a grown-up looks like

The Dems managed to make quite a spectacle of themselves. If it weren’t horrifying to realize that these people cast votes that bear on our lives and fututres everyday it would be pure comedy. Nancy Pelosi who squirmed through the speech and fled the room right after it. Threw herself into a dudgeon, Boo Hooing about Bibi insulting her and her president’s intelligence. Her claim boils down to “we already knew all that stuff!”. The yapping dog, John Yarmuth who had absented himself from the room but must have been listening at the keyhole. So quick was he to make his idiotic knee-jerk references to Dick Cheney and his putative playbook (Democrat party’s version of calling someone a “doody-head”) I assume he didn’t have much chance to collect his thoughts (did I say thoughts? – ok, rants) because his response was right out of the spoiled,manipulative child playbook- no facts no coherent argument just “He’s a fear-mongering doody-head!”. The only thing that would have completed the farce would have been if when Nancy bristled up the aisle and stomped out, the doorknob hit the yappy dog in the eye.

  • Exile1981

    Not only do democrats cast votes but they are also breeding and teaching children.

    • What a horrid party. Run by awful, just awful people.

  • I know, right? Insult your intelligence? How can you insult something that isn’t there?

  • Xavier

    Like the Moslems, the left subconsciously realizes they have been worshiping an inferior deity yet they cannot admit their error and continue to defend him against the unbelievers.

    The amount of applause really set them off too – no SOTU with Jugears every saw that many standing ovations.

    • Yes, and the connections with Moslems doesn’t and there. The truth is that liberalism is not as many say, so much a mental illness as it is arrested development. They are not full adult human beings so they have no real moral compass. It’s much the same with most Moslems.The evil is that they are able to do adult things with the minds of tiny children in big bodies.

  • Shebel

    In the game of World Political Chess . Here is my guess :
    The Pawn —is Obama.
    The Rook—- is Harper. (I’m loyal)
    The Knight is……………….

    • Minicapt

      … dark and stormy?