Have you been radicalised, poor thing?

Have you been radicalised? Have you picked up the terrible “radical bug” that’s been spreading throughout Britain in the last few years? No? Perhaps then you are one of those who believe they are immune? “It could never happen to me”, you say. Well, all I can say is… be careful.

You see, being radicalised really can happen to anyone, anyone at all. It can happen to the Dalai Lama, the Pope, even old ladies bicycling through the English mist to church on a summer’s day. Anyone at all can be radicalised, anyone can succumb to it.

What happens is this. You wake up one fine morning and, completely inexplicably, you find yourself with this big urge to go out onto the streets and start butchering people. Sometimes it’s even worse than that. Sometimes you get an even bigger urge to have yourself videoed beheading someone, holding up the severed head, and then showing it around the world on the internet.