French baker accused of selling ‘racist’ cakes

A cake maker in the south of France has been threatened with legal action for inciting racial hatred unless he stops selling cakes deemed “obscene” by an anti-racism group in France. The baker told The Local he’s a victim of “intellectual terrorism”.

The owner of the pâtisserie in the town of Grasse, near Nice could find himself in hot water after being accused of selling racist cakes.

The sweet pastries in question, named “Gods” and “Goddesses” are in the form of obese people, covered in dark chocolate with over-sized sexual parts.

While the baker who sells the little men and women filled with shortbread and chocolate mousse sees the cakes as inoffensive, for one anti-racism group in France, they are anything but.

  • Maggat

    Are they tasty? That’s all that counts.

  • Dana Garcia

    Would white chocolate make the race hucksters happy?

    I doubt it.

    • Hmmm only if you called it White Privileged Chocolate.

    • Canadian

      They would have been non-inclusive, which is the same as racist.

  • Clink9

    Time for the world to tell these idiots to go to hell.

    • Maggat

      Long, long, long past time.

  • Surele Surele

    you would think that the French would eat it up, no?

  • winniec

    Remember that the French CROISSANT represents the DEFEAT of Muslim armies at Vienna!
    It may yet again become a worldwide symbol of the DEFEAT of political Islam.

  • Xavier

    So if blacks eat chocolate is it cannibalism by proxy?

  • Alain

    Pastries cannot be anything other than pastries, unless one is an agenda-driven fruitcake.