Father says no proof his son is ‘Jihadi John’

Mr Emwazi was seen in public for the first time today since he was questioned by Kuwaiti police about his son’s activities

The father of Mohammed Emwazi is not sure that his son is masked Islamic State butcher Jihadi John, his lawyer has said.

Jasem Emwazi, 51, feels there is ‘no proof’ that the black-clad knife-wielding man featured in chilling hostage execution videos is his eldest child, it was reported today.

His Kuwaiti lawyer, Salem Al-Hashah, told Kuwait’s respected Al-Qabas newspaper: ‘He is not sure that he [Jihadi John] is his son.

‘There is no proof that the man shown in the videos and photographs is his son, as the media has reported in the last few days’…

…The lawyer’s comments appear to contradict earlier remarks made by Mr Emwazi, who is said to have told a colleague that his son is ‘a dog, an animal, a terrorist’ and called for him to be killed…

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    And when they show him undeniable proof he will then try and downplay the evidence.

    Muslims move the goalposts like it’s an inherent skill.

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