Evening photo: Venus, Mars and a sliver of the moon

Venus and Mars have come to their closest conjunction for almost seven years. In this photograph taken on the Isle of Wight, Mars is seen just above the brighter Venus, with the moon to the right. (Feb 24, 2015)

  • bob e

    wow !! whadda’ great pic ..

  • The_Infidel_01

    Thanks for that fantastic photo, now I can remember which planet that one is. It was the one I could never remember.

  • Linda1000

    Nice photo. Right now Venus is the evening star in the western sky. I can see it often on clear nights but I thought the other faint dot of light was just another star, not the planet Mars. As we move towards summer Venus will become the morning star more towards the north of the eastern sky in my part of the woods.

  • Dana Garcia

    I miss the universe. Light pollution here is the big city has practically disappeared it.

  • eMan14

    It is awesome indeed.