Drone spotted near Charlie Hebdo as 10 more fly over Paris

A drone has been spotted hovering over the current offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, as the mystery of the unmanned aircraft seen over Paris in recent weeks deepened with a further 10 sightings on Tuesday night.

French authorities have been flummoxed by the string of sightings of drones in France in recent weeks that have seen them illicitly fly over 17 nuclear power plants and a nuclear submarine base, as well as the Elysée Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the US embassy in Paris.

While police insist there is nothing to worry about, the sightings have raised public fears that terrorists could find a way to attach explosives or toxic chemicals to the drones.

On Tuesday night, a policeman reportedly spotted one hovering outside the offices of Libération newspaper, which is currently housing Charlie Hebdo – the satirical magazine targeted in an attack by Islamist gunmen in January that killed 12.

A police patrol gave chase to another drone at the porte de Montreuil, which leads to the ring road southeast of the capital. They were unable to keep up with it due to traffic, but the drone was then spotted at the nearby Porte de Vincennes, where another Islamist shot dead four people at a Jewish supermarket in the January attacks.

It was retrieved by four men who fled in a black car onto Paris’s “périphérique”, or ring road.

Little is known about the motivations of the drone owners and whether they are merely thrill-seekers playing with their new “toys” or individuals with more sinister aims.

The Paris prosecutor has launched an inquiry into “aircraft flight in a forbidden zone”, which is being led by Paris’s air transport gendarmes unit…

  • I better buy one before they outlaw them.

    • Certainly, these machines will become increasingly important in warfare, police work, and many civil activities.

  • Exile1981

    The locations seem to kill the idea they are just people goofing around.

  • winniec

    Massive deportations will have to occur all over Western countries if we are ever to be safe from these savages.

    • Speaksvolumes

      How do you deport people who were born here? Where do you deport them to?

      • Xavier

        And if that approach is adopted what keeps you and I off the list?

        • Speaksvolumes


          This is a clusterfuck of epic proportions, and the only way I can now see it ending is in civil war all over the Western world. I think we are currently engaged in a low-level global war. It’s just that no one except the Jihadists want to say it.

          • Canadian

            The problem is that they are the only ones with weapons.

        • Minicapt

          A pure heart and an innocent soul.


      • The West can deport Muslims who do not want to renounce their terrorist “religion” to any Muslim countries willing to take them (for whatever price). If no Muslim countries want them, then some one or more of them will need to be conquered temporarily by Western forces until the unwanted populations are transferred to them. Such gunboat diplomacy may sound fanciful and unacceptable in this day and age, but if nothing is done the free world will soon enough descend into anarchy and then be taken over by the Muslims and turned into an Islamic totalitarian dominion. Better they suffer than us. We are essentially peaceful, they are essentially violent.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I predict the Eiffel Tower will be blown up in the next 3 years.

  • Canadian

    If they say that they don`t know the motivation, it means that they know all right!

  • It is obvious that some people (guess who) are actively preparing some very massive and spectacular terrorist acts, perhaps simultaneously all over Paris. I am sure the French gov’t are aware of this possibility and likely explanation.