Clinton’s Parallel Government and Obama’s Great Miscalculation

When it was revealed last week that the Clinton Foundation accepted money from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, Fox anchor Bret Baier asked a good question: “How big a problem is this becoming? Now not only for Clinton but for the [Obama] administration?” Now with latest revelations that for purposes of digital communication Hillary essentially ran her own parallel government, it’s clear that Clinton’s ethical lapses should also be a scandal for President Obama. But to understand where Obama went wrong here it’s instructive to remember how he approached the idea of nominating Hillary to be his secretary of state after the 2008 election.

h/t Marvin

  • Hard Little Machine

    I think America has given up and is ready to ‘elect’ either of the Bush Clinton aristocrats pretty much for the rest of the century. We may even do away with reliable elections soon and simply rotate each of them into the job every few years.

    • Once a political class is established democracy starts to wither and die.

    • J. C.

      Clush 2016 – “What difference does it make?” 😉

  • Exile1981

    The easiest way to ensure that elections are more fair is to have term limits for all positions and to each year as a the politicians step down after there term limit you have full investigations to ensure they didn’t commit crimes while in office, those that did get the noose.

    • Alain

      You would need to add that the term limit also means they cannot simply jump into another political arena at any level; otherwise you still have professional politicians as we have in Canada.

  • Freedom

    The next election will determine if the US pulls through or goes the way of Venezuela

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    King Saud is the organ grinder and they’re the monkeys.

  • Alain

    There seems to be no shortage of lying, over-aged, ugly dykes in politics.