Bremen Islamic Centre sues police over raid – It made them & their automatic weapons feel excluded

“After Bremen Muslims said that raids and heightened police presence over a terror alert had made them feel excluded from society, a mosque raided by the authorities announced plans to sue over the search.

…Court documents deposited by the IKZ’s lawyer at the Bremen local court reveal that a 39-year-old Lebanese man arrested last weekend had bought automatic weapons in October and distributed them to people linked to the Culture Centre.”

  • Exile1981

    Yes a peaceful cultural center that just happened to have as it’s members all the muslim men who recently bot automatic weapons from the same arms dealer out of Lebanon. What a surprise, I think they didn’t look into every knook and cranny otherwise they would have found the weapons cache.

  • Oh, the poor dears. Suffering from alienation. Quick, give ’em a big hug.

  • Barrington Minge

    “Muslim Culture Centre”..hmm Something doesn’t ring true here.
    Ah I know. Mooslims have no culture and have not contributed
    anything to cultural development since the 7th century!!