Ben Levin Convicted – and the Facts Are Very Ugly

Blogwrath was at the courthouse…

It was a long day at the court house – the trial of Prof. Benjamin Levin (a.k.a. Ben Levin) was about to resume at 10 in the morning, but was postponed for the afternoon. When everything started a few months ago, there was very little media interest. Today a crowd of reporters, journalists and concerned citizens waited for hours near the courtroom door. A large group of cameramen and photographers, braving the snow and the wind, flocked around the courthouse’s entrance for the chance to catch a glimpse of Levin.

At about 2 p.m. he showed up, accompanied by his lawyers – Clayton Ruby and his partner G. Chan. The hearing started half an hour later. As it was announced in advance, Ben Levin was to plead guilty to three of the charges, related to making of child pornography, possession of the same, and counselling an adult to commit sexual assault on a child.