What are we meant to say about grooming rings?

“…You are certainly required, as a journalist, to point out, when reporting yet another repulsive incident of what has come to be called the ‘grooming’ and subsequent assault of underage white girls by Muslim men, that the majority of sexual offences against children in this country are carried out by lone white males of various religious denomination. The reason for this absurd caveat is simply crowd control — and also a wish on behalf of the spineless journalist to make clear that while Muslims can from time to time behave naughtily, we whitey Christians are even more naughty, really.

Which is, in the case of sexual abuse against underage girls, deluding, because according to the 2001 census data only 2.7 per cent of the population of the UK is Muslim. You may find this figure surprising, given the amount of attention Muslim stuff gets in the press. But this is either because we are wholly irrationally prejudiced against Muslims much more than we are prejudiced against the adherents of every other religion, or that when it comes to bad stuff, Muslims punch way above their weight. One of the two, then — you call it. No, really, I’d rather it came from you. I hope you understand.”