Vandals destroy 3,000 pro-life posters at University of Alberta: campus group urges administration to act

EDMONTON, Alberta, March 2, 2015 ( — The student group Go Life has asked University of Alberta President Indira Samarasekera to “uphold the rule of law” regarding three students who admitted in Facebook posts to destroying Go Life’s posters on campus.

In a February 26 letter, Go Life’s lawyer John Carpay informed Samarasekera of a five-month “pattern of persistent theft and vandalism” against the pro-life club. From September 2014 to January 2015, nearly 3,000 Go Life posters – costing $280 and 75 man-hours to make and distribute – were ripped down and discarded.

  • Achmed

    Freedom of speech does not include the freedom to offend.

    The kuffar is more than welcomed to kill off your babies.

    • Doug Kursk


  • Xavier

    Silly kids. Free speech must be preapproved.
    [Request Denied]

  • Exile1981

    The U of A will not do anything to those kids because they were just defending the pre-approved left wing mindset. Anything approaching real free speech is forbidden on a university campus.

  • bjedwards

    What happened to their academic code at this school – expel these three students

  • catherine maneker

    Can we know the names of these three? And yes, freedom of speech does include freedom to offend.

  • UofAstudent

    This is just blatant misinformation. The majority of the posters were subject to “theft” because they were posted in non-approved areas around campus. Posters on public boards are torn down (regardless of content) on every friday, and poster on private boards are torn down when they are posted without permission. They did not follow proper university guidelines when posting the majority of these, and so it is complete biased propaganda to incite pity of this “fact.”