US: Jewish-Muslim talk turns into Israel-bashing

Temple Sinai, Roslyn: “an inclusive Reform congregation”

Part 1 of this article (last week) explained that Muslim-Jewish dialogue can be very positive.

Unfortunately, at an event advertised as a “Muslim-Jewish dialogue” at Temple Sinai in Roslyn on Jan. 29, the featured Muslim speaker, Dr. Faroque Ahmad Khan, engaged in one-sided Israel-bashing and condemnation of American officials and media.

In addition to his previously described charges at the Temple Sinai event, Dr. Khan complained that the American press had “Islamophobia” and was unfair to Muslims.

Dr. Khan’s sole example of such “unfairness” was absurd: Dr. Khan asserted that the American media failed to cover the fact that when one Muslim man from Mali killed four Jews in the Paris kosher grocery, another Malian Muslim saved 6 Jews by hiding them in the refrigerator.

Dr. Khan asserted that “only the foreign press” covered the second Muslim man’s heroism, and that the American press refused to cover this.

Audience members shook their heads when Dr. Khan uttered this obvious mistruth about American media coverage. An audience member called out that Fox News covered the story. Dr. Khan ignored her.

In fact, virtually all the American press (including Fox News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Huffington Post, American Thinker, etc. as well as Jewish press outlets) covered and praised the heroic actions of the second Muslim man, Lassana Bathily.

Dr. Khan also blamed America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 for the rise of ISIS a decade later…

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I’m shocked, shocked!

Some Unitarian Universalists in North Carolina seem to have had better luck.