Terrified ‘thief’ has his hand hacked off with a cleaver

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have released sickening images of a young man having his hand hacked off after he was accused of stealing.

The images, understood to have been taken in the terror group’s de facto capital Raqqa, show the terrified young man being dragged out onto a public square in front of a bloodthirsty crowd.

The blindfolded victim is forced to sit in a chair in the centre of the square, where he is held in place by one of the jihadis, while two others use a large meat cleaver to brutally sever his hand from his arm.


  • ontario john

    Our good friend and ally Saudi Arabia cuts off limbs and heads on a regular basis. But then they are the protectors of islam and its most sacred sites.(They also have a lot of oil).

  • Gary

    Wow , so Avi Lewis now has 2 TV shows on Al-Jazeera to brag about since leaving the CBC. .
    “The Jihadi-mooners ” and ” Leave it to Cleaver”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Has the BBC blamed Israel yet?

  • Richard_Romano

    This is so sick and demented. How is this guy supposed to work now with one hand? Do these savages ever think about the consequences of such punishment? I even doubt that this guy was guilty of anything; it’s just to create fear and sustain it in the community. Evil, evil, evil.

  • Barrington Minge

    When oh when will the civilised world wake up to the very real threat from these retarded 7th century blood- cultists and treat them as they deserve – no human rights, no appeals, no excuses, NO MOOSLIMS!!