Ontario Catholic leadership meekly accepts Wynne Sex-ed while 70,000+ citizens oppose it

While tens of thousands of Ontario parents are opposing the Liberal government’s updated sex-ed curriculum, the Archdiocese of Toronto headed by Cardinal Thomas Collins has stated (see full text of statement) that schools have a “responsibility to teach the curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education.” It has also been revealed that a Catholic organization in the Archdiocese has been involved in the development of the program by providing “feedback and advice.” These Catholic establishment reactions are in stark contrast to the January 31 statement of Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast regarding the program.

  • Justin

    The Catholic church is on the slippery slope to becoming like another “united church”
    of Canada. The Roman Church is hopelessly adjusting its theology according to the values and the norms of the godless Western secular society. I feel sad for the million of Catholics who are being betrayed by their leadership and it would be advisable for them to join in the Evangelical church or the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    • Linda1000

      Oh, heavens, that will never do. Look who “protects” the Eastern Orthodox. /sarc

      • Justin

        Putin is a good man who opposes the Western plan of
        LGBTQ-ization of Russia and Eastern Europe. Putin is not ashamed to venerate the Cross as Eastern people do in the worship while Obama and Western leaders cannot even say Merry Christmas. Watch the video clip below as President Putin addresses these
        issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSX2ALtIejw

        • Linda1000

          I was trying to make the point that Western Catholics would never consider the Eastern because of Putin’s support which I like about Putin but so many consider Putin as totally bad politically. Well at least he seems a thousand times better than what Obama does for Christians in the ME. I think, Patriarch Kirill already has or is supposed to visit Rome to make a new start at improving relations between the two churches but I don’t follow that news or know much about it.

          • Minicapt

            Justin loves Russia and its master, Gospodin Putin. Unfortunately, he is forced to remain in Canada because of our superior amenities of life and the opportunities for martyrdom.


    • SMC_BC

      Oh, for cryin-out-loud, get a grip. The Catholic Church hasn’t change one dogmatic teaching – it can’t. Not even a pope has the power to change dogma! The Catholic Church can’t edit, omit, or delete God’s Word.

  • Justin St.Denis

    For an organization as allegedly structured as the Roman Catholic Church, the RC Church has a lot of loose cannons supposedly “representing” the RC perspective, except that these perspectives don’t match up theologically with RC doctrine.

    Pope Benedict was reining in these idiots, Under Francis, it seems, they are being given free rein. Pity.

  • Clink9

    Just got an email back from the chair of the Durham Catholic board (east of Toronto) and it sounds like they are good with this perverted program.

    I suggested they would approve of it in order for the teachers union to get whatever they want from Wynne. They are letting this shriveled hag get to the children to pad their paycheck.

    • moraywatson

      Oh you mean “backscratching”? It is of course covered off in the new sex-ed curriculum, in the same lesson as “how to fuck the taxpayer”.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Very funny! I almost spit out a chocolate Turtle!

  • passerby1969

    I’d like to know how “schools have a responsibility to teach the curriculum” with no materials to actually pass on to the kids. I suppose the teacher could just stand there and read the prompt questions from the document.

    But that’s not really good teaching but parroting. And kids are not very encouraged learn they way.

  • DMB

    Please don’t send Cardinal Thomas Collins on a boat trip! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bctivboqvKo

  • Blacksmith

    I wonder how long until there is a ministry of correct thought?