New “Gaza Man” Video Game: Players Get to Shoot Israeli Forces

In the trailer for a new video game called “Gaza Man,” players get to shoot bullets, rockets, and RPGs at Israeli soldiers, tanks, and airplanes. The trailer was uploaded to YouTube on February 28, 2015. As of March 3, the game was available on Google Play for Android users. According to the developer’s website, it is coming soon to Apple devices.

  • Clink9

    Can’t be as fun as this old classic. Bin Laden Liquors:

    • Dana Garcia

      Fun! I’d forgotten about this game.

    • Ha!

  • Exile1981

    Do you get to hide behind children and women? If you get low on health does the UN come in to enforce a ceasefire for you to rest? Also can you buy bigger guns at a UN school?

    • mobuyus

      mosques are safe houses and you can health up on goats.

    • Destroyer-Drone

      ROFL, someone make this a featured comment! 😀

  • ontario john

    Great game for united church Sunday school classes.