Netanyahu’s devastating, irrevocable indictment of Obama

It was widely suggested, ahead of Benjamin Netanyahu’s spectacularly controversial address to Congress on Tuesday, that the prime minister would have to deliver the speech of his life in order to justify the damage he would inevitably be causing to relations between his government and the Obama Administration.

In the event, Netanyahu did deliver the speech of his life… and caused devastating, presumably irrevocable damage to his relationship with President Barack Obama…

  • DMB
  • Observer
    • Except, prior to Chamberlain’s disastrous deal with Hitler, he had a distinguished career that was marred by that fateful ‘peace in our time’ mistake.

      Obama has always been useless.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama’s whiny reaction shows that Bibi hit home.

  • The relationship between the US and Israel was severed the minute Obama took office.

    What did the Americans (or the Israelis, for that matter) think when Obama promised to meet Iran without pre-conditions?

    Obama isn’t just emboldening Iran; he is actively aiding it. I don’t blame Netanyahu for appealing to whomever he can and by so doing setting the stage of the American elections in 2016. Who supports Israel still? Let the voters see.

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