Kathy Shaidle asks: ‘Did you ever think you’d miss the Nazis?’


In a NEW Taki’s Magazine column guaranteed to annoy everyone.

  • Xavier

    I read some of the comments there and I have to ask, “Is Taki’s readership entirely made up of batshit crazy liberals?”

    • WalterBannon

      it looks like she has a lot of anti-Semite liberal followers over there

  • eMan14

    It has been said that Islam is like Nazi’s. I tend to agree… they are worse. With Nazi Germany you didn’t have any illusions of what they were about. With Islam, it is surrounded by a thick cloud of taqiyya, deflection and denial.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • David Murrell

    Sorry, but I have to dissent from Kathy on this one.

    I am also a student of World War II — since my father was in Patton’s army, and my mother was a war bride from French Algeria. But surely Adolph Hitler’s final solution of the Jews ranks equal to, if not surpassing, the evil depredations of the Nazi-Islamic State. Sure, one can cobble up anecdotes of gallantry by the Nazis, but overall they were a bad bunch.

    A couple of points: I read where the Allies threatened to execute captured Axis prisoners, if the Germans executed captured Allied prisoners, akin to what they were doing in extermination camps. (the Dachau camp was up and running throughout the entire war). This threat improved conditions in the German POW camps. And we should not forget the evil treatment the Japanese army did to captured Allied troops. After the battle of Wake Island, the Japanese beheaded two or three captured U.S. marines, given the stiff opposition the marines gave the Japanese. And the Japanese routinely tortured POWS in the camps throughout the war.

    It would be better if we all compared the Islamic State as being akin to the WWII Germans and Japanese. The comparisons are compelling.

  • glasnost

    You didn’t annoy everyone; only the usual ones.

  • Just a thought

    ISIS worse than NAZIS. Who knew?

  • WalterBannon

    Miss them? They never left. They just changed their name to “Liberal”

    Heil Wynne. Heil Justin!