IS Militants Can Play Table Football — As Long As Figures Are ‘Beheaded’

What do militants from the Islamic State (IS) group do to relax? An IS fatwa, or religious edict, now permits militants with a few hours to kill to play table football — but only as long as the game’s figures have had their heads cut off.

The recent fatwa was translated into English and shared by British analyst Aymenn J. al-Tamimi on his website. Tamimi has collected and translated a number of IS administrative documents. 

  • ontario john

    Well with this and other stories about the depravities of islam and the persecution of Christians by muslims and China etc., what is the mainline church reaction this month? Well the new March issue of the United Church Observer website has as its main stories, the persecution of gays and our need to bring more in, whiny indians, muslim refugees and of course global warming.

  • Xavier

    The ones with burkas make better goalies.

  • Xavier

    Speaking of games, has anyone beaten the ISIS version of Doom yet? I can’t find the keycard to open the Gates of Hell.

  • Freedom

    I know I can beat evryone of them at this, this is how I got through the first 2 years of college 🙂