Inside The World Of ‘Non-Violent’ Islamism

“…How do you persuade those British mosques in London and the Midlands reported to have expressed greater offence over Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoons than the fate of the massacred that such attitudes won’t create the common life required for a cohesive, harmonious society? Rather than demonstrate around the Cenotaph against global jihadi terrorism, 1,000 Muslims instead waved banners warning non-Muslims to “be careful with Muhammad”, and telling them to “learn some manners”.

“Whether Muslim people say it or not, deep down they are probably happy with what happened,” the Muslim manager of a small supermarket in Slough told the BBC Today programme. “Not in the sense of people having lost their lives . . . but in the sense that something needs to be done to stop insulting our Prophet.” The reporter pressed him. “Are you really saying what’s happened [in Paris] has taught those who insult Islam a lesson?” He replied: “To be honest, it’s not as if people are going to be jumping around the streets for joy but (it’s also) not as if people are going to be mourning their deaths, in my opinion.” Some mosque congregations are also reported to have been told that the killers simply could not have been Muslims. Mossad then? 9/11 déjà vu.