Family fear Saudi blogger could face execution by beheading

Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes after being convicted of insulting Islam, could face death by beheading, according to his family.

The case attracted worldwide condemnation when he was publicly flogged in January.

Now his family say they have been told he is to be tried for apostasy.

“Apostasy charge is punishable under Saudi law with the death penalty by beheading,” they said in a message posted on Facebook.

“We also received confirmed information that the Supreme Court has referred Raif case to the same judge, who sentenced Raif with flogging and 10 years imprisonment.

  • They are truly barbarians. Badawi’s family is already in Canada. I sincerely hope everything that can be done to get him out is done.

    • Our Ally Saudi Arabia just gave a huge cash award to Zakir Naik for service to Islam, he says you can have sex with slaves.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So? Their culture their problem. Don’t like being parted from your head, don’t live in Headchopistan.

    • I don’t think he wants to live there. How can you object to their culture and then write off the guy who’s risking his life trying to change it?

      • Hard Little Machine

        It’s called stupidity. No one remembers the good Germans who ‘stood up’ to Hitler either because it was pointless and frankly, vain.

  • Tokenn

    So I guess this ‘isn’t Islam’? Where’s all the ‘peace and love’ Muslims on this situation. Saudi Arabia isn’t actually Islamic? ….so confused…. [/snark]