Ezra Levant: Netanyahu’s speech (and Obama’s petulance)

Ezra Levant says Obama’s reaction to Netanyahu’s visit to America to that of a “petulant child.”

Netanyahu’s inspiring speech, however, offered generous praise of the United States — while calling Obama’s policies towards Iran pitifully weak.

Netanyahu compared Iran’s nuclear ambitions with the events in ancient Persia that are now being commemorated during the Jewish holiday of Purim.

He reminded this audience that Jews will fight back if and when they are attacked.

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  • Exile1981

    I think the proper term would be when they are attacked not if.

  • Obama is so incredibly self-absorbed with his own self importance. Why the heck should he worry about Israeli elections? Israel is a democracy, period. International World events and threats to its security are not put on hold just because they happen to have an election coming up.

    Meanwhile none of the other countries in the Middle East are democracies and Obama implanted his version of “democracy” after being duly warned (e.g. Egypt and the take-over by the fascist Muslim Brotherhood — thankfully booted out in a coup, the Libya fiasco, support for the so called Syrian “rebels”, Obama’s total pullout of Iraq which led to the rise of the savage ISIS — within 24 hours of the Americans leaving!) The list goes on and on. And ISIS makes the brutality of the Nazis look like child’s play — can you imagine what will happen if ISIS actually manages to seize control of a Nation? The gas chambers of Auschwitz would be a merciful way to die in comparison.

    Barack is a blatant moron as a President especially re: foreign policy. Hopefully he can land a job as a “Community Organizer” after his Presidency expires.