Evening photo: Morning fog, Poland

“This beautiful pond is actually not too far from my home” in Poland, says Your Shot member Malgorzata Walkowska, who came across this scene while taking a shortcut home one December morning.

“I really loved how it was surrounded by very old trees that reflect in the still water, especially on foggy mornings. Since I discovered this unusual place, I like to go back during different light and weather conditions and photograph it.”

  • eMan14

    Always amazing how fog can alter the landscape completely changing it’s character.

    • kiwi

      Fascinating to see how a monochrome landscape can still be so evocative.

  • The calm before the storm.

  • There are so many places in the world with such haunting beauty.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    They say that Polish fog smells distinctively like grilled kielbasa.

  • bob e


  • truthdareisay

    Poland has renewed itself rather quite nicely.. infrastructure and all