Emwazi’s university ‘more scared of being Islamophobic than homophobic’

The London university attended by Mohammed Emwazi, who was last week identified as the Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John”, has been accused of sometimes turning a blind eye to extremist views on campus because it does not wish to offend its large number of Muslim international students.

Jamie Wareham, secretary of the University of Westminster’s LGBT society until last year, said he believed complaints about homophobic speakers organised by the Islamic society were sometimes not treated with sufficient seriousness.

“What I think makes the University of Westminster particularly difficult with the line they draw is because they derive a lot of their money from international students, and a lot of these are Muslim students,” Wareham said. “It’s seemed clear to me that they are very careful about not upsetting the Muslim community. They certainly get a lot more money from them than they do from gay students”…