David Cameron: jail those who ignore child abuse

Teachers, social workers who work with children and councillors could face up to five years in prison if they turn a blind eye to child abuse under proposals to be set out on Tuesday by David Cameron.

Coming in the wake of horrific stories of neglect in places such as Rotherham and Oxfordshire, the plan is to be put forward by the prime minister at a Downing Street summit. Cameron will say: “Professionals who fail to protect children will be held properly accountable and council bosses who preside over such catastrophic failure will not see rewards for that failure.”

Child sexual abuse is to be upgraded to the status of “a national threat”, so that it is placed on a par with serious organised crime by police chiefs and elected police commissioners in their strategic planning. They will be required to cooperate with other police forces across county boundaries to safeguard children.

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    If only we could believe he means it.

    While investigating the death of baby Jordan Heikamp, Christie Blatchford noted in passing a well-known tendency in the social work profession (irrespective of that specific case) is to become co-dependent with sociopaths.

    Children can lose their lives, slowly, horribly, while the social worker is reporting that the parent “appears to be thriving psychologically” (or some such). Of COURSE the socio parent is thriving. The kid was always just a prop, and now that that’s done with, socio parent is happily on to another prop.

    As I recall, Blatch interviewed a Vancouver Children’s Aid Society director who – unlike most, probably – confronted such workers and FIRED them, when warranted. (It would be a blessing if her story was online, but that was a while ago.)

    If the gutless Brits have the courage to start doing that, and STICK to it, there’s hope.

    What’s appalling is to pay taxes for an agency to protect children that actually fronts them to grooming gangs, right as rain, and punishes anyone who doesn’t go along.

    While I am here, unsubscribe to and do not buy advertising in any medium too gutless to ask: Is there a chance that Muslim men believe that it is not so serious an offence if it is done to non-Muslim women? And look for honest answers?

    Not necessarily the answers I suspect. But a genuine effort to get past the usually accepted evasions.

    • Linda1000

      Blatchford has written several articles for NP about the deaths of children due to parent neglect and CCAS incompetent case management. If a mother is known to be responsible and/or charged with the death of her own child why aren’t these women mandated by court order to be sterilized to prevent future deaths.

      • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

        Linda, that would amount to making mutilation a punishment in Canada. We could get by without that if we insisted on more accountability from those who take our tax money to “protect” children, and then cater to their abusers. Once THEY start to feel the heat, they’ll either enforce or get out. – Denyse O’Leary from Ottawa

        • Linda1000

          Extreme cases of sociopath parents using their own kids as props to be abused and killed call for extreme prevention measures of future crimes. I mean it’s practically a given the abuse or crime will repeat itself unless (much like recidivism of paedophiles) the criminals are thrown in jail for years where they hopefully can’t reproduce. Given that Canada endorses (politically, medically, socially) and legally allows the murder of thousands of unborn babies daily via abortion used as a birth control method, I think a painless procedure of invisible sterilization is not such a bad solution in extreme cases where so-called parents think it’s perfectly normal to murder their own children. Cripes not so long ago there was a case in Calgary where a woman was hiding dead babies all over house for years and this was only found out after her own death. I’ll try to find the link to the story.

  • Certain ‘communities’ will whine about islamophobia.

  • Brett_McS

    Must be an election coming up. Still, it’s something.

  • Linda1000

    So its 2015, five years on from 2010 when the rape stories in the press were first being reported. In 2012, more news stories, studies and reports but what has been done to eliminate the rape problem other than to make a few arrests in Britain.

    Australia’s senior Muslim cleric, to state what has since become painfully obvious to those who truly understand the sheer horror of Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslim women:
    “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem….if she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”