Crown in Edmonton court calls for 25-year sentence for (Algerian) mom who starved twin baby girls, one of whom died

The Crown wants a prison sentence of 23 to 25 years for an Edmonton mother who starved and physically abused her two-year-old twin daughters – one of whom later died.

At a week-long sentencing hearing, which began Monday, Crown prosecutor Shelley Bykewich told court it is “difficult to imagine a more appalling case of manslaughter to be visited upon a helpless child” and said it is as “near to murder” as any manslaughter offence could be.

“Every once in a while a crime comes along that is so horrific that a person who has empathy cannot fathom it,” said Bykewich. “This is one of those cases.”

The prosecutor argued it is aggravating that children were abused by a person in a position of trust and that the abuse had to have happened for a long enough period necessary to achieve the deprived state the girls were in…

The couple, who are landed immigrants from Algeria with permanent resident status, was arrested on June 12, 2012…

Another charming Muslim immigrant story, although these ones sound really crazy.

  • ontario john

    Someone should have explained to them that if they had aborted the babies they would be heros now and would have fit right in to Canadian society.

  • David Murrell

    Yes, but a few weeks ago the Globe and Mail editorialized that 25-year-sentences are cruel and inhumane punishment. Moreover, modern jurisprudence has suggested that young children’s lives are not worth all that much, in comparison with an adult’s. So the dear, confused Algerian immigrant might not get that severe a sentence, given his disadvantaged background. His was a cry for help.

    • Linda1000

      The father who eventually came to his senses and called 911, was sentenced to 15 years last June/2014 because he did nothing to stop the abuse of his daughters. He didn’t physically beat them but didn’t feed them obviously or report his wife for years. Any way this case is not much different than all the other repeated child death cases by not normal parents these days.

      • Frau Katze

        Is she crazy? Or what is going on here?

        • Linda1000

          Actually, no she’s not crazy but I don’t know why she hated her daughters. Her son was well-fed and looked after. This case has been going on since 2009 when one of the girls ended up on life support in the hospital. The doctors and hospital had to go to court because the parents wouldn’t agree to end life support and let her die with mercy. In that trial and I assume psychiatric assessments were done, the mother stated that she thought of herself as a good mother. The mother has a university degree in communications of some kind so she is not unintelligent and that is likely how she got through Canada immigration. Just a very abnormal story but at least two of the kids were saved.

          • Clausewitz

            But, but, all cultures are equal. Even if they seem to be the leaders of the war on females. I guess when sex selective abortion is against the law, you try other avenues. 25 years on stale bread and water would be appropriate.

          • Linda1000

            I thought sex selective abortions have been ongoing for some time in Canada even if it’s illegal. In the Vancouver area people hop across the border for a day, get an inexpensive fetal ultrasound to find out if it’s boy or girl. Return to Canada and opt to abort if it’s a girl, all paid for by our Cdn. health care. I’m sure it’s a common practice in all provinces even if it means a short airline trip.

        • Linda1000
        • Rosenmops

          I wonder if it was because they were girls.

  • cmh

    but more important….will she be deported after serving time????

  • Exile1981

    Rather than waste the money on sending them to prison can’t we just deport them?

    • Frau Katze

      I’d go for that.

  • k1962

    Jail then deport.

  • canminuteman

    A one week long sentencing hearing? Really? After all the evidence was presented at the trial, shouldn’t sentencing taken ten minutes? An hour tops. This is one reason that our legal system is so damn expensive.

  • lolwut?

    A chinese immigrant in Vancouver got 5 years for killing 2 baies

    In the beginning the defense was “Cultural misunderstanding”

    • Rosenmops

      In China they probably encourage you to kill babies.

  • What is wrong with people?