Costco Sued For Religious Discrimination By Former Muslim Employee Who Refused To Handle Pork

Costco is being sued by a former employee for religious discrimination.

Jean Camara told ABC 7 that when he refused to work with pork, he was told to work outside gathering carts.

“Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” said Camara.

Camara, a devout Muslim, worked at the Costco in Sunset Park Brooklyn, New York, in September of 2012 as a cashier’s assistant.

When pork came across the conveyor belt, Camara refused to handle the product because his religious beliefs forbid him from touching pork or alcohol.

Camara told his managers about the restriction and their alleged response was to switch him to cart duty outside. He claims they never told him why he was being reassigned, and when he asked numerous times to be placed in another department, his requests were denied.


That’s not discrimination, that just a Muslim seeking special treatment.

  • Xavier

    A few surreptitious shots of Boss Hog’s Bacon Fragrance Spray at his work station would have solved this problem.

    • winniec

      Yes, interesting thought. How about everyone starts using bacon-flavoured hand lotion.

      • Mickey Oberman

        How about everyone throwing harmless strips of bacon at Muslim demonstrators to highlight all of their demonstrations.

    • Censored_often

      This will solve the problem:

  • ntt1

    he was switched to a job where he didn’t handle pork what is the problem? this won’t get anywhere in the courts Employers have the absolute right to decide scope of work and location . he was not fired just reassigned. More muslim law fare.

    • winniec

      He wants a rich payout obviously…this is a con job.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s be clear. He refused to take plastic wrapped pork and dump it in a bag or cart. He wasn’t ‘working with pork’.

  • Typical front edge of the long wedge of Muslim supremacism being forced into our faces.

    Hopefully Costco will win in the courts.

    • winniec

      …win and then he will have to pay Costco’s court costs.

      • Blind Druid

        Winniec — He won’t care about that, because if you dig down, I guarantee you will find an Imam behind him, holding a mitt full of lawfare cash. They will then appeal (for more publicity). This is creeping Jihad, plain and simple.

  • eMan14

    “Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” said Camara.
    This is precisely what he is asking his employers to do. To treat him differently because he is a Muslim. If they treated him like everyone else, he’d be working with pork.
    Suck it up!

    • winniec

      Real logic: A = A

      Muslim logic: A ≠ A

      • Censored_often

        More Muslim logic: A=B ; A=C; but A is not equal to C until sharia law is in place!

  • winniec

    “I demand to be treated differently because of my beliefs, but don’t treat me differently because of my beliefs.”

  • Mickey Oberman

    Just another attempt to impose Islam on a Western democracy.

  • Exile1981

    After Costco wins this lawsuit I hope they ask the judge for permission to let him go because his lawsuit has made him toxic in the work place.

  • Achmed

    All pork products must be banned so as not to offend us!

    Allowing any is an insult to Islam!

  • Maggat

    Costco, it will be tough, but stand your guns.

  • DMB

    Maybe he thinks he should stay employed at Costco because of his “people skills”.