Cherson & Molschky: The Unveiling of ‘Jihadi John’ and His Islamic Terrorism Apologists

This is believed to be a young ‘Jihadi John’ outside Harrow mosque in 2009, ‘celebrating’ the eighth anniversary of 9/11. Also in attendance was Michael Adebolajo, who went onto become one of Lee Rigby’s killers and who spoke to the crowd of his contempt for ‘unbelievers’. This demo ended in serious violence

The title ‘Jihadi John’, was given by the tabloid press because this executioner was one of four ‘British’ jihadists named after the world-renowned band, The Beatles. Jihadi John, sounds like a pantomime baddie, which he most certainly is not, nor is this a Noël Coward play either.

Since mid-August 2014 the name Jihadi John has been synonymous with Islamic State’s terror at its most evil and barbaric level. He guards foreign hostages and is known to have taken brutality and sadism to those in his ‘care’, to an extraordinary level, even by Islamic State’s standards. These innocent Western and Japanese hostages’ fates are unfortunately already sealed but their incarceration is a long drawn out affair, to cause as maximum publicity and distress.

Various reports suggest that Islamic State has between 30,000 – 100,000 ‘holy warriors’ in its ranks, so any one individual who is not a key leader is dispensable. However Jihadi John has proven exceptionally ‘valuable’ to Islamic State because of his propagandist value, which encourages many other Muslims to join the Caliphate.

The executions have been released on professionally produced videos that show a shackled hostage often making a statement under duress ‘justifying’ his own impending demise, kneeling beside the executioner. Wearing a balaclava, Jihadi John revels in delivering a hate-filled sermon whilst holding and pointing a knife, and then will cut a defenceless man’s head off. Apart from Haruna Yukawa, all of Jihadi John’s beheading victims to date have been either aid workers or journalists…