15 Year-Old Muslim Illustrates Exactly Why AFDI Muhammad Art Exposition is Necessary

What a disaster. Among other headache inducing things, this tragically stupid and apparently utterly uneducated girl thinks that depictingdrawmuhammadfinal700[1] Mohammed is unconstitutional, on 1st Amendment grounds no less.

I’m fairly certain that this must be the Zeynab in question. Not an encouragement to contact the girl or anything like that; just dig the intellectual material on offer. I think she thinks she’s one of the smart ones, the “nerds”. God help us.

  • Another Muslim brainwashed fool. What is unique about her?

    It is sad that she was brainwashed right here in the USA.

    Islam should not be afforded the luxury of being classified as a religion until Islamic theological passages inciting violence, and passages teaching hate are removed.

    Islam as it exists today is clearly a hate ideology.

    • moraywatson

      Allah to the max, fer sure, fer sure.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Like totally!

  • winniec

    In fact, she is seeking to overthrow the US constitution and create an ‘establishment of religion’ in contravention of the First Amendment. If Islam gets special rights that other groups do not have, it becomes a de facto established religion. This is what Muslims in the US want. They are wasting their time. The US constitution is stronger than Islam because it’s based on logic.

  • cmh

    Unless you are raised free you will never understand. Muslims are not raised free.

  • moraywatson

    15 years old and already a “failed supremacist”. That should look good on her resume.