Whom Should the U.S. Train in Syria and Iraq?

The United States has begun vetting Syrian rebels to determine whom to train to fight Islamic State (ISIS) extremists inside Syria. It’s an effort that promises very little and comes extremely late. The goal is to train, in Turkey and with the cooperation of Turkish forces, 5,000 moderate fighters a year for perhaps three years. Actual training will begin within four to six weeks.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Train their nuclear missiles on the region. That’s the only training that works.

  • Xavier

    Radiation monitoring personnel!

    • Stronger Than Dirt

      Yeh, that’s it.

  • ntt1

    With Kerry at the helm they should do a 180 on any recommendation lurch makes

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Sheer lunacy – they’re all low lifes.

  • Gettingby

    How about putting out the call to the Christian world. They would be flooded by volunteers willing to fight IS.

    • winniec

      Don’t you see…that’s what ISIS wants? Then they can start WWIII. They believe Muzzies would win because Allah gives 1000:1 odds to Muslims.

  • How about getting out of the way and letting the Muslims continue to kill more Muslims?

    • winniec

      That’s what’s happening now.

      • And the US and other Western powers should get out of the way and let them kill each other.

        When a winner finally becomes apparent, we should then go in and kill all of them.

  • k1962

    The United States is stupid and should just stay out of it. Any weapons they supply or training they give will ultimately be used agains Israel.

  • tom_billesley

    Grave diggers.

  • mauser 98


    Iraq’s Popular Forces Release Photo of Downed US Chopper Carrying Arms for ISIL

    Last Monday, a senior lawmaker disclosed that Iraq’s army had shot down
    two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIL terrorists
    in Al-Anbar province.


    • Minicapt

      1. Apaches generally are not used for cargo delivery missions.
      2. The photo of the downed helicopter is of a Mi-7 or 17 “Hip”.
      3. No one shows photos of the alleged British aircraft.


      • mauser 98

        remain : truth stranger than fiction

  • cmh

    the us should get the hell out of everyone else’s business

  • winniec

    ISIS…normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    You mean the Americans have recognized a ‘good’ version of Islamic terrorism?

  • Freedom

    Stupid idea, arm the Kurds to the teeth and guide them with US special forces leaders
    and US airpower , the same way they kicked the Taliban out of Afghanistan

  • NoTroll Zone

    Whom Should the U.S. Train in Syria and Iraq?
    Either one will come after us.