Use “Stabbed her 15 times” in a sentence

Domineering Pakistani immigrant husband tried to murder his wife by stabbing her 15 times because she wanted to take English lessons

  • Xavier

    He’ll be out in 5 years with an IED compliant butthole.

  • Exile1981

    The article says he has a history of violence involving a series of previous crimes (home invasions) and he and his mother claim he stabbed his wife in self defense.

  • ed

    10 men ,charged today in Manchester for sexual exploitation of children in Rochdale ,young white girls aged between 12 and 15 ,offences range from rape, forced prostitution, human trafficking ,torture, supplying illegal drugs and alcohol, I`ll let you guess the religion ????? [ed uk]

  • Dana Garcia

    Wife must have wanted interaction with English-speaking society, which would violate the terms of her Muslim imprisonment-marriage.

  • andycanuck

    Was this in Quebec?

    • Gettingby

      That will be in next weeks news…or tomorrows.